Common Types of Coffee Making Machines


If you’re like many people in the world, coffee is a breakfast staple and you drink it almost every day. Coffee making machines were once only found in the traditional filter style percolators that dripped the coffee into the pot ever so slowly, but today there are actually a variety of different types of coffee makers creating a whole new outlook on how home coffee brewing takes place. There are four very common types of coffee makers that tend to be sold in stores and online today. They include:

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Filter Style Percolators

Filter style coffee makers brew typically brew up to twelve cups of coffee at a time in about 10 minutes. These machines require water to be placed into the machine; coffee is placed into a filtered reservoir at the top and the water then heats and drips through the coffee and filter down into the pot. These machines require the use of ground coffee beans which can be readily purchased at the grocery store or your favorite coffee café.

Espresso Machines

Espresso coffee machines use a pump system to create smooth, rich espresso at home. These machines have a separate tank that you fill with water, the tank heats up and then the water transfers through the coffee and filters into a cup for your enjoyment. Espresso machines are also used to make cappuccino and café latte at home. Both of these drinks involve using a milk frother in addition to the espresso machine to create a smooth and creamy coffee treat just like you would get at your favorite coffee shop.

Pod Machines


Pod style coffee making machines are ideal for coffee drinkers who tend only to drink a single cup at a time. These machines use a disposable pod of coffee that is pre-measured into the perfect serving size for a single cup. The coffee is roasted and ground into a plastic, stay fresh pod that is sealed until you are ready to use it. Hot water is placed into the pod style coffee machine and a single, perfectly brewed cup of coffee can be made every time.

Coffee Bean Grinding to Cup Machines

If you’re really into coffee, a machine that grinds the coffee beans fresh for each cup may be the ideal choice for you. Bean to cup style coffee machines store whole roasted coffee beans in a grinder until you are ready to make a cup of coffee. When you add water to the percolator and push the button, the exact amount of beans needed to brew the perfect cup of coffee are then ground in the machine, transferred to the hot water and brewed at 15 bar pressure.

Bean to cup coffee making machines are ideal for coffee connoisseurs who want the perfect cup of coffee, fresh ground and fresh brewed every single time. These machines are the crème de la crème of coffee machines and often include a built in milk frother for making cappuccino and caffe latte in addition to espresso and perfectly brewed fresh coffee every time.